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Hi….my name is Louise  I a mum to my lovely little girl, Lennon. I am a trained massage therapist of 10 years. However, as of 2017 I have begun to channel my energy solely on pregnancy massages. I found this altogether more rewarding and enjoyed the personal aspect of getting to know each mum’s story as they progressed throughout their pregnancy. During this period, I had considered the prospect of training to learn either baby massage or baby yoga and with some positive energy from my clients, I decided to do both (Go me!)

When Lennon was first born I found things very overwhelming and daunting. Even simple things like being left on my own had become quite scary and If you are a new mum reading this, I’m sure you will find some similarities? Gradually I began attending social classes with the baby such as swimming and sensory which gave me huge confidence as I realised us new mums were all in the same boat. And with this inspiration I’m hoping my classes do the same :)